And Then it All Happened at Once

Do you want to know how to turn your world upside down? I’ll tell you. Write a blog post saying ‘not much‘ is new, about how your life is puttering along while you have, and I quote, a “weird sense that something is about to happen.” Sit back and wait about 48 hours while the […]

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Varanasi, India

Lessons About Love From India

Last week I had an idea. I would write a post called “What Travel Taught Me About Love.” Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. It would be enlightening and speak to everyone’s soul (including yours). Then I sat down to write it, and I couldn’t come up with anything. The more I […]

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The Fastest Year of My Life

This is the kind of statement that always makes me roll my eyes internally, but here goes: 2013 felt like the fastest year of my life. I get it now, why people say stuff like that. One minute Jared and I were in the US, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves, and […]

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Learning to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Toward the end of sixth grade I transitioned from my cat phase and stumbled awkwardly into adolescence. I started to care what I looked like, and spent too long in front of the mirror shellacking down every last strand of frizz. Frizz maintenance required constant trips to the bathroom, including an obligatory stop right after […]

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Towards Newcastle Beach

Newcastle: A visitor’s perspective

It appears that 2014 is not the year of blogging for Lateral Movements. (Though you can still catch me every 2 weeks over at APW) Outside of the virtual world, though, things are happening. Jared and I are buying a house (!) – but that doesn’t mean the traveling will end. We’ve been roaming the […]

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Merewether Beach

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

When I was in college, I drove a red ’97 Saturn, and I loved it. I felt like part of my identity was tied up in this car, this object, and part of me assumed we’d be friends forever. I abandoned the car before it abandoned me, of course. Eventually, I came back to claim […]

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Egypt holidays

Diving in the Red Sea: No Experience Necessary

Diving is one of those activities where it’s really better if you know what you’re doing. There are any number of things that could go wrong, including: Running out of air Surfacing too quickly Panicking Man-eating sharks (Which I still firmly believe should not be culled. I’m talking to you, WA.) Before we went to […]

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Newcastle Australia

What’s New With Me? Not Much.

Whenever someone asks me what’s new, I have the worst answer: “Not much.” It’s generic and obscure, but it’s my answer. Does anyone really want to hear about the mundane details of anyone’s life? – Somebody moved in upstairs, and every time they open and close their closet door it sounds like an angry beast […]

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Finding My Christmas Spirit

The first indication that I was not as prepared for the holidays as I thought came with the delivery of my parents’ Christmas present. I sent my mom a message: Did you get the package? What package? The tracking information claimed that the package had been left at the doorstep at 5PM last Saturday. How […]

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Practicing Sign Language

When we first started dating, Jared and I used to practice sign language together. The train from Hampton Court station to Waterloo was a particularly good place for doing this; all the fun of a road trip but no one has to keep their hands on the wheel. We could have been talking about anything […]

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