tent on sand

The night some dirtbag stole our camper trailer

Jared and I woke to a frantic knock on the bedroom door at 6:30am the morning after Melbourne Cup. “Your trailer’s gone.” Stunned, we roused ourselves. I had heard what his cousin said, but I didn’t believe it until I went outside. There was the car, parked right in front of the house, but behind […]

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Road Trip Australia

The secret’s out! Our 2016 travel plans

In all the years I’ve been traveling, I’ve never done that thing where I quit a steady job, sell my stuff, and hit the road. So now’s the time. Yesterday, Jared and I both handed in our notices. For the next six weeks we’ll focus on selling our furniture and renting out the house; in […]

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Visiting Peru

What to expect from your Working Holiday Visa

First, a caveat: I make no promises. Everyone’s experience with a working holiday visa will be different. It depends on you, of course. This post was born because I’m in a pensive mood; Facebook informed me today that Lateral Movements is now 4 years old. (Fun fact: it was born as Blogabout Europe in 2008 […]

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Whitsunday black island

The Youthfulness of Airlie Beach

It was the last bar on the strip that made me realize I’d changed since my visit to Airlie Beach 11 years ago. Most of the men (boys?) inside were topless, shirts slung around their necks or missing altogether. The women nearly all wore sleeveless playsuits, but the super-skimpy versions that fluttered just below butt […]

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Deserted beach

Return to Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is part of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, accessible by ferry from Yeppoon. It only takes 30 minutes and passengers disembark directly onto the beach, the closest I’ll ever get to exiting a yacht on a private island. Great Keppel was once known as a party island—its slogan was ‘get wrecked’—but island […]

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Kangaroo looking mad

Agnes Water: The Kangaroo Place

The Town of 1770 has long piqued my curiosity, purely because it has a number for a name. Officially it’s spelled out as ‘Seventeen Seventy’ in keeping with Queensland’s naming convention, but writing ‘1770’ seems more fitting for the world’s only town with a number for a name. 1770 was called Round Hill until 1970, […]

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Nissan Patrol on beach

Day trip to Fraser Island: Yes, it’s possible

I pulled out my best statistic to convince Jared we needed to go to Fraser Island: “It’s the largest sand island in the world.” We were both silent as we considered the implications of my not-so-compelling argument. Sand, by itself, is not that great. It gets in your sandwiches and your underwear, plus if the […]

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whale watch australia

Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Between April and November, humpback whales conduct their annual migration along Australia’s east coast, turning the Pacific into the Humpback Highway. First they travel north to warmer waters to mate or give birth, then they turn tail and head back south. The young males go first, followed by the newly pregnant females, and mom-baby combos […]

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Noosa national park

A Week on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is the Gold Coast’s laid-back northern counterpart; it’s only the sprawl of Brisbane that separates the two. The Sunny Coast, as it’s affectionately called, stretches for about 60 kilometers from Caloundra to Noosa. We chose Mudjimba as our base for a week – it was quieter, but with the requisite amenities within […]

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