Road Trip Australia

The Secret’s Out: Announcing 2016 Travel Plans

In all the years I’ve been traveling, I’ve never done that thing where I quit a steady job, sell my stuff, and hit the road. So now’s the time. Yesterday, Jared and I both handed in our notices. For the next six weeks we’ll focus on selling our furniture and renting out the house; in […]

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Visiting Peru

What to Expect From Your Working Holiday Visa

First, a caveat: I make no promises. Everyone’s experience with a working holiday visa will be different. It depends on you, of course. This post was born because I’m in a pensive mood; Facebook informed me today that Lateral Movements is now 4 years old. (Fun fact: it was born as Blogabout Europe in 2008 […]

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Learning to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Toward the end of sixth grade I transitioned from my cat phase and stumbled awkwardly into adolescence. I started to care what I looked like, and spent too long in front of the mirror shellacking down every last strand of frizz. Frizz maintenance required constant trips to the bathroom, including an obligatory stop right after […]

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Auckland NZ

The Sword Swallower’s Assistant

Occasionally I’m compelled to write about strange encounters, many of which occurred before I started blogging. This is one of those stories.  The unofficial rule of attending comedy shows is that you don’t sit in the front row unless you want to become part of the show. This also applies to other shows where the performer is […]

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Leaving to travel

Selling Our Stuff: The Process of Letting Go

We have started selling our stuff. I thought it would be liberating, and in a way it is. But it’s also triggered a clinginess and nostalgia I hadn’t expected. Each time my phone pings with a message from Jared telling me he’s sold something else, I’m one part relieved and one part sad to see […]

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Nobbys Lighthouse sunrise

Travel Memoirs and Sailing Ships

Officially, I have written four drafts of my travel memoir. Unofficially? When you add up the re-written bits and pieces, the number is probably closer to forty. As I prepare to fine-tune my proposal and query letter for the next round of agent-hunting, the doubts once again settle in. What if this is crap? The […]

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Working Out With the Malaysian Prime Minister

Running in a foreign city can be dicey. There’s always the chance that you won’t be able to get back to where you started from (it happens) but it’s worth it for the sliver of new perspective you get, to see a city as it wakes. People often stare, but more often than not they […]

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Kuching’s Horribly Wonderful Cat Museum

As a child, I was extremely besotted by cats. The word ‘obsessed’ would not be inaccurate. I collected cat figurines, obviously, which were prominently displayed in my bedroom. Once there was a tornado warning so I wrapped them individually in paper towels, placed them lovingly in shoeboxes, and tucked them into the corner of my […]

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Whipping through Southeast Asia

I am really bad at writing about my work trips. They send me to incredible places like Singapore and Myanmar and what do I do? I come back and write about pillow menus and tiny t-shirts. Yes, I spend most of the time doing mysterious work-related things, but not for one moment does it escape […]

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