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  • Lake Bled

    Coming Full Circle in Slovenia

    Seven years ago I went to Slovenia for the first time. It was part of my Eastern Trekker tour with Busabout, during the six weeks of summer that would alter the course of my life. The Busabout internship came at a time when things looked great on the outside, but weren’t quite right under the […]

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  • Number One Beach

    A Weekend at Seal Rocks

    When Jared was a kid, he and his family went camping. He has memories of being the only one in the water, having his pick of waves and visiting different beaches each day. They cooked jaffles and slept in tents and generally had a rip-roaring good time. My family went camping in Michigan once. It […]

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  • At least there are no cockroaches at the beach...or are there?

    The Worst of Australia’s Wildlife

    Can we talk about cockroaches for a second? I realize this is not the first time I’ve talked about them, though hopefully it will be the last. There was once a time when I thought cockroaches meant a house was dirty. They were sort of like a disgusting tooth fairy that would only visit your […]

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  • Big Island

    Uncovering the truth about Hawaii’s green sand beach

    The Big Island of Hawai’i has at least two different kinds of sand that I can vouch for: black and white. There is also a third if you count the hybrid of the two, salt-and-pepper sand. At the Volcanoes National Park, a display claims that there are two other kinds of sand hidden on the […]

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  • On the edge of the lake

    Room Service in Vietnam

    This is the final night of my first international work trip. I’m cushioned in the squishy covers of my king-sized bed in the Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel. I can tell you without looking that right outside my window, motorbikes are hurtling in every direction across the streets, driveways, and sidewalks of this city. Waterfalls of […]

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  • Bar Beach

    2014: A Year of Milestones

    Right now I’m sitting in our hammock, soaking up the breeze on a sweltering hot day. It’s the last day of holidays; tomorrow I return to work. Day 4 of 2015 and this new year is finally sinking in. But first, I need to close off last year. This was the year I became a […]

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  • 24Sep9078

    Where I’ve Been

    So this happened last month: And we spent three weeks here: It was dksflkerjkerjieroiucGAH As you can see, I’m still looking for the words to describe it all, so I’ll leave you with one more pic and a vague promise that I’ll come back and start writing again very soon.

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  • Luna Park

    So We Went to Melbourne

    My mom asked me what we were going to do in Melbourne, and I realized that we hadn’t really made much of a plan. “I don’t know,” I said. “Eat, probably.” We stayed on Lygon Street, a strip of touristy restaurants, aka Little Italy, just north of the CBD. Also, everyone I mentioned Melbourne to […]

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  • Tree

    Slowing Down Time

      “When we go to the same places and do the same things, we don’t make distinct memories and time seems to fly by.” This. Oh my god, this. It came from an article I read about why time seems to go faster as we get older, and it really punched me in the gut. […]

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