Visiting Peru

What to Expect From Your Working Holiday Visa

First, a caveat: I make no promises. Everyone’s experience with a working holiday visa will be different. It depends on you, of course. This post was born because I’m in a pensive mood; Facebook informed me today that Lateral Movements is now 4 years old. (Fun fact: it was born as Blogabout Europe in 2008 […]

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Learning to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Toward the end of sixth grade I transitioned from my cat phase and stumbled awkwardly into adolescence. I started to care what I looked like, and spent too long in front of the mirror shellacking down every last strand of frizz. Frizz maintenance required constant trips to the bathroom, including an obligatory stop right after […]

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What to Do When You Don’t Have a Dream

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” It’s sort of assumed that we all have dreams. Big Dreams. Lofty Dreams. Impossible Dreams. But we’re supposed to dream them anyway. Shed those conventions! Trounce on those naysayers! After all, the future belongs to those of us […]

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bicycle beach

Possessions of Travel

The day we left Buenos Aires I faced the task of slashing my possessions by half. We’d flown in from Korea with two backpacks and one large suitcase, telling ourselves that we had six weeks to get rid of the suitcase. The zippers were broken and no way were we dragging that thing around South […]

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Kangaroos in Morisset NSW

US Perceptions of Australia

Australia is a very easy country to stereotype if you’ve never been here. For the three weeks that we were in the Midwest, a number of common perspectives about Australia emerged, which can be broken down into two main categories: Creatures That Will Kill You and Creatures That Are Cute But Weird. Additional categories include […]

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Artwork Spectrum Cafe Anna Bay

Escaping Routine in Anna Bay

One of the reasons I travel is to escape routine. Ironic, then, that routine is one of the things I miss when I’m on the move. For example, I recognize that I have an unusual (or so I’m told) obsession with breakfast. Every day I eat a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, coconut, chopped walnuts, […]

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Newcastle NSW beaches panoramic

The Write Stuff: A Return to Blogging

I feel like it’s time to do some blog housekeeping. What have I been doing besides visiting the US? Is this still a travel blog now that I’m all married and mortgaged up? What’s the deal with the loooong lag between posts? How about that book? For the past two years my motivation to write […]

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New Glarus Brewery beergarden

Going Swiss in New Glarus, Wisconsin

Thirty minutes before I left the office for the airport to catch our flight to the US, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I always wonder how people manage to do something so ridiculous, but now I know – one second, it was in the back pocket of my jeans, the next, it was […]

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Chicago skyline

An Electric Boat Ride in Chicago

Both of my parents turned 60 this year, which coincided with the rare occasion of the whole family being in the same postcode at the same time. To celebrate, my (newly married!) sister snapped up a $99 Groupon for the Chicago Electric Boat Company. For two hours, our group of seven could cruise the Chicago […]

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