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Catsitting in Cairns

Squeak sat on the couch, curled into a ball. When we entered the house she barely lifted her head; I wasn’t sure if it was disinterest or if the physical movement was simply too much for her tiny muscles. Gellar gave off the illusion of being robust, but it was mainly an excess of white […]


Lateral Movements Hi. I’m Lauren. There is one question that has always made me cringe: “So, what do you do? Back home, I mean.” Officially…I usually work in communications. But that’s what I do, not who I am. I graduated from Indiana University in 2003, and I’ve been a working, writing traveler ever since. But […]

Volksfest: Hassle-free fun

Now writing from beautiful Edinburgh, but more on that tomorrow – first I wanted to catch up on Stuttgart’s Volksfest.  This is the second-largest beerfest in the world, attracting 4 million visitors to Munich’s 7 million.  The main perk of this is that you avoid the blood, sweat and tears associated with getting into an […]


Saturday.  Final weekend of Oktoberfest. 7:00:  My alarm beeps and I wake up to the pitch darkness of Room 104 in Wombats.  I can hear the five other girls stirring, all reluctant to leave our warm beds for the bitter cold of Munich. 7:30:  Stumble down to breakfast and stock up on meat and cheese […]

Ein Prosit

The flight to Stuttgart was over before it began, mostly because I slept peacefully the whole way.  As soon as we walked through the arrivals gate, the Busabout group was met by Andy and Cherie, our guides for the weekend, outfitted in lederhosen (for the men) and a dirndl (for the women). It was a […]

RIP Freedom

I am in mourning. London, formerly my favorite city, is now the home of obligations and dissertations.  You mean to tell me I’ve got to pay rent?  And go to work?  Possibly most depressing is when my alarm goes off and I go to catch the bus.  It is now a red double decker that […]