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NSW Central West

Go West: Winter in Central New South Wales

June in Australia is when winter starts to settle in; when the sun drops by five o’clock and the temperatures do the same. Cold weather and I have never gotten along. Still, I readily agreed to start this camping trip in June, and to head west instead of north. Winter on the coast of New […]

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Condobolin utes

Utes in the Paddock: An Outdoor Art Gallery

When I announced my intentions to go to Parkes, most people had the same response. “Parkes? Why?” Parkes is nearly 500km west of Newcastle, famous for its Elvis festival and The Dish. Jared’s cousin lives there and his 40th coincided with the start of our trip, an explanation that satisfied the question of Why Parkes? […]

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Aussie Road Trip

The Road Trip Begins

Ten days ago, Jared and I stuffed a 1997 Nissan Patrol full of everything we ‘needed’ for our trip around Australia and drove out of Newcastle, bound for Parkes. We were conscious that we’d brought too much, and intended to downsize as we went. Just for fun, let’s take a look at what we were […]

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Luck and Travel

Re-thinking the Role of Luck in My Travels

During my twenties I was the first to climb onto a soapbox to proclaim that it wasn’t luck that allowed me to travel, it was a matter of choice. I chose to work abroad on short-term visas rather than look for a full-time position at home, whereas many of my peers chose to do the opposite. […]

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Working Out With the Malaysian Prime Minister

Running in a foreign city can be dicey. There’s always the chance that you won’t be able to get back to where you started from (it happens) but it’s worth it for the sliver of new perspective you get, to see a city as it wakes. People often stare, but more often than not they […]

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Kuching’s Horribly Wonderful Cat Museum

As a child, I was extremely besotted by cats. The word ‘obsessed’ would not be inaccurate. I collected cat figurines, obviously, which were prominently displayed in my bedroom. Once there was a tornado warning so I wrapped them individually in paper towels, placed them lovingly in shoeboxes, and tucked them into the corner of my […]

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