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Turner Barr, Around the World in 80 Jobs

Awkward Interviews with Turner Barr: The Mongoose Dances with the Snakes

Today I’m happy to present a guest post by Turner Barr of Around the World in 80 Jobs. He’s taken working around the world to a whole new level, making my days as a carny seem totally normal. Here’s his awkward interview… “You look like shit.” The timeshare manager looked me up and down – […]

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Danyang, Korea

At Least The Samgyeopsal Is Very Famous

You may already know that I’m not a fan of teacher dinners. It makes sense, then, that I’m not exactly sold on teacher trips either. This is where all of the teachers are asked (i.e., required) to join in an excursion to a ‘famous’ Korean landmark. It is typically capped off with a dinner. In […]

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Going ‘Nuts’ in London

Perpetual travel makes it hard to accumulate lots of useless crap, but I’ve managed to do it anyway. Most of it is stored in a box and hidden away in a spare room at my parents’ house in Fishers, Indiana. Inside are several CDs of old photos, 100+ postcards from Europe (when I felt like […]

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Awkward Interviews: Portobello Road Edition

My initial plan was to find work at a London gym. After three months waitressing at a coffee shop in Ireland, I definitely wanted to stay far away from food. Then I saw this ad in TNT magazine: ‘NOTTING HILL. Counter position available for American-themed bakery. Knowledge of American pastries a plus.’ All my resolve […]

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What’s For Lunch?

Like many travel bloggers, I talk about food a lot. It’s hard not to. Food is such a big part of any culture, and also, I love food. Specifically ice cream and baked goods, but let’s not get off topic. Dining in Korea completely discombobulated me at first. We eat on the floor? We share […]

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

Every year the Yeongwol County office pays for a group of sixth-grade students to go to an English speaking country for a month during the school vacation. This year, our school had to choose five students to send to New Zealand. As part of the selection criteria, the applicants sat down for brief interviews with […]

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