Lost in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik. I thought I’d have an early night and head back to the boat after a few hours out in town. I didn’t account for my bus anxiety – this is an affliction, developed in London, where I am constantly convinced that I am going to miss my bus by seconds. If I am heading towards a bus stop and I see a bus, I immediately become convinced that it is the one I want, and illogically run in front of oncoming traffic to reach it before the doors close. That is what happened here. Except in this case, I made a crucial mistake: always check the bus number first, then board.

Some background: our boat, the Viktorija, was docked in front of some sort of Pirate boat – I don’t know what it was for, but if Johnny Depp and his crew had disembarked, I would not have been surprised. It looked menacing, complete with billowing skull-and-crossbone sails and a lookout on the mast. I bet it even had a plank. On this night, it was deserted. I couldn’t resist.


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