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Turner Barr, Around the World in 80 Jobs

Awkward Interviews with Turner Barr: The Mongoose Dances with the Snakes

Today I’m happy to present a guest post by Turner Barr of Around the World in 80 Jobs. He’s taken working around the world to a whole new level, making my days as a carny seem totally normal. Here’s his awkward interview… “You look like shit.” The timeshare manager looked me up and down – […]

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Awkward Interviews: Portobello Road Edition

My initial plan was to find work at a London gym. After three months waitressing at a coffee shop in Ireland, I definitely wanted to stay far away from food. Then I saw this ad in TNT magazine: ‘NOTTING HILL. Counter position available for American-themed bakery. Knowledge of American pastries a plus.’ All my resolve […]

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Platform 9 and 3 quarters

Awkward Interviews: Kingston Edition

One of the reasons I decided to study in London in 2007 is that I would also be able to work. At the time, anyone completing a degree course in the UK was permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. Among the multitude of places I applied to, Gymboree was one of the […]

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London Eye

Awkward Interviews: London Edition

I’ve had a lot of jobs, so it makes sense that I’ve been on a lot of interviews. Most of these interviews have been your garden variety, “Why do you want to work here” and “Tell me about your last job,” that kind of thing. But they’re not all like that. Some of them have […]

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