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Road to Hum Croatia

The Road(s) to Hum

Halfway to Hum I thought we’d been had. “Are you sure this is a real place?” Jared asked. “There were signs,” I said. “It’s a real place.” As the car wheels crunched along the dirt road, we passed underneath a road bridge. The word ‘Hum’ and a directional arrow were spray painted on the concrete […]

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Truffle pasta Rovinj Croatia

Truffle Pasta in Rovinj, Croatia

Jared and I drove to Croatia on a whim. Once we decided to go to Piran, Internet research led us to a little spot known as the Istrian peninsula, a place I had been unaware of until now. If Istria was located in Indiana, everyone would know about it. But because it’s north of Croatia’s […]

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Lost in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik. I thought I’d have an early night and head back to the boat after a few hours out in town. I didn’t account for my bus anxiety – this is an affliction, developed in London, where I am constantly convinced that I am going to miss my bus by seconds. If I am heading […]

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Alter Egos: How people make their travelling money

I mentioned before that I couldn’t believe the variety of jobs amongst the boat passengers in Croatia. This video will put some names and faces together with those professions. I think everyone is telling the truth – all except one.  

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Blogabout Europe has a Midnight Snack in Pag

Walking around Pag yesterday, I saw a vending machine unlike any I had seen before. On the way back to Hotel Bavaria that night, I stopped to sample the merchandise.  

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Say It Isn’t So

I had a reality check today when we pulled into port in Split. My trip ends in one week.  On Saturday the 16th, I fly home to London.  Six weeks seemed endless, and I am sorry to face the fact that it is not.  The day I left for the sailing trip, I ran into […]

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