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Kangaroos in Morisset NSW

US Perceptions of Australia

Australia is a very easy country to stereotype if you’ve never been here. For the three weeks that we were in the Midwest, a number of common perspectives about Australia emerged, which can be broken down into two main categories: Creatures That Will Kill You and Creatures That Are Cute But Weird. Additional categories include […]

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Chicago skyline

An Electric Boat Ride in Chicago

Both of my parents turned 60 this year, which coincided with the rare occasion of the whole family being in the same postcode at the same time. To celebrate, my (newly married!) sister snapped up a $99 Groupon for the Chicago Electric Boat Company. For two hours, our group of seven could cruise the Chicago […]

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Sydney Harbour

Waiting for Chicago

It’s 7 o’clock on Saturday night and I’m in my pajamas, 3 cups of tea in, dinner long since eaten. I did stay up until midnight last night, but it was only because I was hooked into ‘The Girl on the Train’ and threw caution to the wind, determined to stay awake until I finished […]

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Vilano Beach, St. Augustine

Re-discovering My Childhood in St. Augustine

I was a nerdy kid. What am I talking about? I’m still a nerd. As I get older, I’ve really come to embrace my inner nerd. It’s sort of comforting to know that, given a square of paper, I can still fold up a book or a cup. Because you know what? I had a […]

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Insanity workout with cat

And Our Next Destination Is…

Sometimes, life moves at an astonishing speed. This is never truer than it is when I come back to the US, and this time around I’ve learned it all over again. What? Didn’t realize I was in the US? I know. I’m waaaay behind on the real-time blogging. I kind of thought that these three […]

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Quito, Ecuador

Travel Paranoia: Is It Worth It?

While traveling through South America, I had an intense, unfounded paranoia that we were going to be the victims of violent crime. Intense. I was convinced that we’d be mugged at knifepoint. Or hijacked on a bus. Or maybe ripped off at an ATM. Or, worst of all, kidnapped on the sidewalk so someone could […]

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