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Silver fish sculptures

Catsitting in Cairns

Squeak sat on the couch, curled into a ball. When we entered the house she barely lifted her head; I wasn’t sure if it was disinterest or if the physical movement was simply too much for her tiny muscles. Gellar gave off the illusion of being robust, but it was mainly an excess of white […]

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What I Learned From(1)

What I Learned from Housesitting for the First Time

There was a moment in the middle of our housesit, after the dogs got into the rat poison, one of the cows escaped, and a mouse fell victim to an unbaited trap in the kitchen, when I wondered if we’d taken on too much. What I’d initially pictured when we signed up to Aussie House […]

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Dogs rat poison

Housesitting: Expect the Unexpected

Jared found the dead rat on the floor of the chicken coop. It must have eaten the poison in the rat trap at the corner of the house. I’d noticed the trap but gave it a wide berth, preferring not to think about its implications. Mice in the kitchen I was learning to handle – […]

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Housesit NSW

The Housesit Begins

“Just last week we found a king brown in the woodpile,” our housesit owner told us. “It was only a baby, though.” Excellent. One of the world’s deadliest snakes had recently been found at the farmhouse where we’d be living for the next month. Great news. On the plus side, I was now less edgy […]

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