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Varanasi, India

Lessons About Love From India

Last week I had an idea. I would write a post called “What Travel Taught Me About Love.” Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. It would be enlightening and speak to everyone’s soul (including yours). Then I sat down to write it, and I couldn’t come up with anything. The more I […]

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Tarah Homestay Bundi

Sleeping Around Rajasthan and Varanasi

Guesthouses are to India what hostels are to Europe: a budget traveler’s answer to affordable accommodation. There is, however, one notable difference between India and Europe: the price. On average, we spent less than 500 rupees a night for a double ensuite. That’s about $10 – hardly tough on the bank account. But, with this […]

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Varanasi boy

Rooftops of Rajasthan

India at street level is nothing less than chaotic. No one ‘strolls’ down the street in India. It would be like trying to have a romantic meander down the track during the Indy 500. You just wouldn’t do it. For example: In Delhi, I looked too long at one of the shopfronts and almost walked […]

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Varanasi sunset kites

Cultivating a Love-Hate Relationship With India

Oprah and I were in India at the same time. In fact, we just missed each other in Jaipur. I was walking to the train station, fending off rickshaw drivers and sweating under the weight of my backpack just as she was disembarking from her chartered plane and being escorted into the car that was […]

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In Bundi, Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Cheeky Monkey. Funky Monkey. Chunky Monkey. Monkeys are cute, right? They eat bananas and they swing from vines and make funny noises and everybody likes monkeys. WRONG. Monkeys are selfish, vicious beasts dripping with rabies who screech and breed recklessly and will stop at nothing to get what they want. That’s why you should always […]

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A Flair for the Exotic in Agra

I have always considered India to be exotic. China was foreign, Europe was romantic, Fiji was tropical, but India held the title for exotic. I formed this opinion in the second grade, when my teacher, Mrs. Kimmel, brought in a guest speaker from India. Dressed in a beautiful sari, she wrote the word ‘sacred’ on […]

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