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Practicing Sign Language

When we first started dating, Jared and I used to practice sign language together. The train from Hampton Court station to Waterloo was a particularly good place for doing this; all the fun of a road trip but no one has to keep their hands on the wheel. We could have been talking about anything […]

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Lions of Trafalgar Square

Why I Still Love London

The first city I fell in love with was Paris. The second was London. YES. London. People around the world have always questioned me on this: “London? Why? It’s dirty, crowded, expensive <insert negative adjective here>, and horrible.” These things may be true. London can be a city of luxury or a city of poverty, […]

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Going ‘Nuts’ in London

Perpetual travel makes it hard to accumulate lots of useless crap, but I’ve managed to do it anyway. Most of it is stored in a box and hidden away in a spare room at my parents’ house in Fishers, Indiana. Inside are several CDs of old photos, 100+ postcards from Europe (when I felt like […]

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Awkward Interviews: Portobello Road Edition

My initial plan was to find work at a London gym. After three months waitressing at a coffee shop in Ireland, I definitely wanted to stay far away from food. Then I saw this ad in TNT magazine: ‘NOTTING HILL. Counter position available for American-themed bakery. Knowledge of American pastries a plus.’ All my resolve […]

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An Orphan’s Christmas

When I made plans for my first solo trip abroad, everyone asked me the same question: “But you’re coming home for Christmas, right?” They asked me a bunch of other stuff too, like “How can you afford this” and “What if you don’t find a job” but the thing that really blew people’s minds was […]

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Eating Dans Le Noir

When I was a kid, I used to watch this movie called Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. It’s about a rebellious girl who does a horse-riding high-dive act in Atlantic City. She has an accident and goes blind, but eventually overcomes her demons and wows audiences once again. And before you go judging the movie’s […]

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