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Danyang, Korea

At Least The Samgyeopsal Is Very Famous

You may already know that I’m not a fan of teacher dinners. It makes sense, then, that I’m not exactly sold on teacher trips either. This is where all of the teachers are asked (i.e., required) to join in an excursion to a ‘famous’ Korean landmark. It is typically capped off with a dinner. In […]

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Photo from the Gangwo-do Min Ilbo.

How to Win a Bike in Korea

The race was scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m., so Jared and I arrived at 7:30. We picked up our freebies: a t-shirt, number, and – my favorite – SLEEVES. Now we’ll fit right in at our next baseball game. Then – we waited. The race was only a 6km fun run, but we both […]

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Family Mart YW

Hanging out at the Family Mart

There’s a new watering hole across from our apartment building, so Jared and I went there last night to grab a beer after work. The prices are incredibly reasonable, and while food is available, you aren’t expected to buy any (as you usually are at Korean bars). We sat outside, on a pretty wooden balcony, […]

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The Things About Korea I Can’t Get Used To

There were a lot of things that I had to get used to about Korean culture. A lot. After two years, most of those things don’t seem weird anymore. I can get behind the bowing as a form of greeting. I’ve found ways to avoid the terrible local beer. These days, it doesn’t even faze […]

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Playing by the Rules of Korean Baseball

After a frustrating battle with Ticketlink, Jared and I managed to score tickets for a baseball game in Daegu. I haven’t been to too many baseball games in my life, but I had high expectations from this one. I’d heard that Korean fans go wild, regardless of how good their team is. I wasn’t disappointed, […]

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Penis Park - Haesindang - Samcheok - Korea

When Visiting a Penis Park ISN’T The Strangest Part Of Your Day

This was supposed to be a post about the Penis Park. You’re intrigued, right? Because if you go to a place like a Penis Park, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be the most unusual part of your day. Well, much to my surprise, it wasn’t. But before I tell you about that, let’s give the […]

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