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Working Out With the Malaysian Prime Minister

Running in a foreign city can be dicey. There’s always the chance that you won’t be able to get back to where you started from (it happens) but it’s worth it for the sliver of new perspective you get, to see a city as it wakes. People often stare, but more often than not they […]

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Cat Museum featured image

Kuching’s Horribly Wonderful Cat Museum

As a child, I was extremely besotted by cats. The word ‘obsessed’ would not be inaccurate. I collected cat figurines, obviously, which were prominently displayed in my bedroom. Once there was a tornado warning so I wrapped them individually in paper towels, placed them lovingly in shoeboxes, and tucked them into the corner of my […]

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Whipping through SEA

Whipping through Southeast Asia

I am really bad at writing about my work trips. They send me to incredible places like Singapore and Myanmar and what do I do? I come back and write about pillow menus and tiny t-shirts. Yes, I spend most of the time doing mysterious work-related things, but not for one moment does it escape […]

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Shwedagon Pagoda

Visiting Yangon’s Shwe Dagon Pagoda

I was going to call this post “Getting Sweaty at the Shwe Dagon Pagoda” because that’s what I did, but I couldn’t bring myself to hit publish on that title. In an effort to ‘err on the side of conservative dress’ as the website suggested, I wore a long sleeveless dress and covered my shoulders […]

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The Story of the Tiny T-shirt from Myanmar

Jared has this theory that I shrink his shirts. It’s misguided; for one, we don’t use a dryer and two, we both do the laundry. My theory is that some of his shirts must be defective, but I guess neither of us has concrete proof. To be fair, this shirt of his was a normal […]

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Memories of Myanmar Featured Image

Memories of Myanmar and the Speed at Which Time Flies

As I write this I am sitting on a chair in the corner of my Newcastle living room. Everything here looks the same so I am weirded out that I just sped through Southeast Asia: 10 flights, 8 days, 5 cities, 4 countries. The only physical indication that I took this trip is my lingering […]

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