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Egypt holidays

Diving in the Red Sea: No Experience Necessary

Diving is one of those activities where it’s really better if you know what you’re doing. There are any number of things that could go wrong, including: Running out of air Surfacing too quickly Panicking Man-eating sharks (Which I still firmly believe should not be culled. I’m talking to you, WA.) Before we went to […]

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Learning to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Toward the end of sixth grade I transitioned from my cat phase and stumbled awkwardly into adolescence. I started to care what I looked like, and spent too long in front of the mirror shellacking down every last strand of frizz. Frizz maintenance required constant trips to the bathroom, including an obligatory stop right after […]

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Saturn breakdown

Learning to Drive

Jared and I bought a Volkswagen Golf last month. To my great relief, it’s an automatic. Embarrassingly, I can’t drive a manual. There was an unfortunate incident when I was 17 involving me, my dad’s truck and my Grandma’s barn, and ever since then, I’ve been wary of manual vehicles. Jared’s mom is teaching me, […]

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The Magical Everlasting Australian Summer

Fall started on March 1st in Australia – no messing around with that solstice business here. I’m re-training myself to talk about the seasons according to the Southern hemisphere, but the truth is, July will always represent summer, and December is winter. Period. But autumn and spring, I have an easier time flip-flopping. Autumn in […]

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Matthew Broderick

Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?

On Saturday night, I realized that I have a problem. When I meet someone for the first time, I am always convinced that they ‘look like someone’. I figure out who it is, and inevitably I tell them. This rarely goes well. When we were in Indy, I met a friend of a friend at […]

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The Weirdest Part of Travel

I recently wrote a post called “The Hardest Part of Travel,” and now I want to look at a different superlative: The weirdest part of travel. This came up because of the whole North Korea-South Korea will-they-or-won’t-they go to war thing. I’ve had a few people ask what I think about it, and how I […]

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