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Scratching an Itchy Soul

Let me preface this post by saying that I love our apartment. I love having an oven and a closet. Walking to the beach. Speaking English. Not being stared at. But it’s happening again. The itch. Only this time, it’s a little bit different. It started after my mom came for a spontaneous visit. We […]

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Wedding Planning With a Traveler’s Mentality

I’m pretty sure I know when I crossed the line. Jared and I were in the kitchen, making dinner, after an intense week of ok-let’s-do-this-and-make-some-wedding-decisions. We are now in a wide-open expanse of time that we have been calling ‘after the marathon,’ but in technical terms should probably be referred to as ‘the future.’ Or, […]

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Dress shopping

The Fun Stuff: Planning A Bachelorette Party

What with our upcoming move to Australia (on Sunday!) and visa preparations, I haven’t been thinking too much about our wedding. When I do think about planning a wedding, I start to stress out – my biggest concern is that I don’t want to get sucked into the ‘wedding machine.’ You may know what I’m […]

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Insadong, Seoul

Principled Wedding Planning

After seven months of being engaged, Jared and I have come up with a working location for our wedding. I say ‘working’ because it’s still possible that everything will change and we’ll elope on some yet-to-be-discovered island in the Caribbean, but for now, we’ve got an idea. Although we met in Bruges, and have since […]

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Chiang Mai, Thailand - motorbikes

Setting The Date When Your Passports Don’t Match

The burning question: So when’s the big day? The answer: We have no idea. Jared and I got engaged three months ago. Since then, a handful of people I know have also gotten engaged. Most of them have already set dates. We don’t even have a location in mind. So, of course, people are asking […]

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