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Where I’ve Been

So this happened last month: And we spent three weeks here: It was dksflkerjkerjieroiucGAH As you can see, I’m still looking for the words to describe it all, so I’ll leave you with one more pic and a vague promise that I’ll come back and start writing again very soon.

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Travel Fail: Wedding Edition

Wedding Wire tells me that there are 143 days left until our wedding. That’s fine. I’m not stressed. We intentionally gave ourselves lots of time to plan this thing, so nothing feels rushed. There is one thing that has greatly disappointed me, however. Jared and I, the key players in this whole wedding, have somehow […]

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Scratching an Itchy Soul

Let me preface this post by saying that I love our apartment. I love having an oven and a closet. Walking to the beach. Speaking English. Not being stared at. But it’s happening again. The itch. Only this time, it’s a little bit different. It started after my mom came for a spontaneous visit. We […]

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Wedding Planning With a Traveler’s Mentality

I’m pretty sure I know when I crossed the line. Jared and I were in the kitchen, making dinner, after an intense week of ok-let’s-do-this-and-make-some-wedding-decisions. We are now in a wide-open expanse of time that we have been calling ‘after the marathon,’ but in technical terms should probably be referred to as ‘the future.’ Or, […]

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Dress shopping

The Fun Stuff: Planning A Bachelorette Party

What with our upcoming move to Australia (on Sunday!) and visa preparations, I haven’t been thinking too much about our wedding. When I do think about planning a wedding, I start to stress out – my biggest concern is that I don’t want to get sucked into the ‘wedding machine.’ You may know what I’m […]

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Principled Wedding Planning

After seven months of being engaged, Jared and I have come up with a working location for our wedding. I say ‘working’ because it’s still possible that everything will change and we’ll elope on some yet-to-be-discovered island in the Caribbean, but for now, we’ve got an idea. Although we met in Bruges, and have since […]

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