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Holistic medical supplies in Korea

When a Waegook Visits the Doctor in Korea

Six months ago, I was successfully vaccinated against Hepatitis A. At least partially. “Come back in six months,” Dr. Won told me. “For second shot.” Today, I returned. The waiting room was packed with old women and children. There were shoes strewn about the entryway, and nearly all of the slippers were in use. I […]

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Danjong Festival Parade, Yeongwol, Korea

The Tragedy of King Danjong

I’m willing to bet that most of you have never heard of King Danjong. Well, settle in, because his story’s a good one. It’s a lot like The Lion King, but without the happy ending. Danjong’s sickly father, King Munjong, died in 1452 when Danjong was only twelve. It was generally agreed that twelve was […]

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Get Out Your Earplugs, It’s Election Season In Korea

It’s election season in Korea, which means one thing: You are no longer safe in your own home. Safe from violence, sure. Safe from danger, yes. But safe from noise pollution? Not a chance. From the minute the campaigns officially kicked off last week, Yeongwol has been aurally assaulted. Actually, I’ll back up. To an […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure

“I don’t want to sit in the apartment all day,” Jared announced.  “Let’s go to the nearest bus stop and see where the next bus goes.” Sitting in the apartment didn’t sound so bad to me, but I guess that’s not why I came to Korea.  So I agreed to this mini-adventure. We decided to […]

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Playing Charades

My co-teacher asked me to buy some flyswatters this afternoon.  I scampered across the street to Yeongwol’s version of the dollar store. After a thorough casing of the store, I didn’t see any flyswatters.  I saw dog leashes, giant kimchi containers, hangers and sewing kits, but no flyswatters.  Just to be sure, I thought I’d […]

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Oh My Got! LASIK, please.

This was an ad-libbed role play between two sixth grade students today: S1:  May I help you? S2: Yes.  How much are the flowers? S1:  They’re five dollars. S2: That’s a little expensive.  Discount? S1: No. S2: Ohmygot! (smacks own head)  I’ll take them. This is how I feel about LASIK surgery.  It goes against […]

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